Combat Tang Soo Do Prosperity Dojang

Welcome to the official Combat Tang Soo Do Prosperity Dojang’s Webpage. At Combat Tang Soo Do we offer traditional training in Tang Soo Do the Korean fighting art famous for its powerful kicks, as well as adding modern practical self defence training and weapons work. All the traditional Tang Soo Do forms, kicks, basics and weapons are part of CTSD. These are complimented with practical techniques from various martial arts including hapkido, kung fu and Okinawan karate as well as western boxing. In addition some traditional Okinawan weaponry, e.g. sai & tonfa, and more practical weapons like knife and Kali/Eskrima are also taught. Training in Combat tang Soo Do.

This makes CTSD extremely effective across all ranges of fighting, with kicks for long range, hand strikes for medium range, knees, elbows and grappling/throwing for close up. The weapons also provide another avenue for effective self defence.

Many of our members take part in sports competition and represent their country at international events.

Tang Soo Do is also excellent for overall physical fitness with its emphasis on isometric training keeping the body toned, it is also superb for cardio vascular and helps to keep the body supple and flexible!

We also teach Haedong Kumdo, This is the Korean sword art of Korea’s ancient warrior knights the Hwarang Do. It teaches the art of drawing, using and cutting with the sword. The sword used is similar to the Japanese katana although slightly shorter and wider. Students begin their training using a wooden sword or moggeom. The style strengthens your body on all levels and improves balance and overall strength.

Haedong Kumdo translates to “Sword way of the land of the East sea” or ‘Korean sword arts’.